Monday, June 3, 2013


Inertia. Noun. A tendency to do nothing or remain unchanged. Yep…that’s me. I’ve become inert. I’m a rock…probably flint or marble..something hardened under pressure and cold.

The alarm clock jarred my teeth loose this morning. Have I mentioned how much I hate alarm clocks? Newton may have theorized that a body in motion stays in motion, but if I were a great physicist like him, my theory would be a body at rest stays at rest. My favorite place to be in the morning is in my bed, wrapped like a cocoon in blankets, with the window open so I can hear the birds, but with the blinds closed so the light doesn’t come in. A rainy morning is divine when the alarm clock is not part of it.

I’ve been telling myself to start running for months now. I miss running, even though it’s been at least three years now. I set the F’ing alarm clock for 5 AM this morning so I would get up and run. I laid my running clothes out last night, charged my iPod, had it all together and organized. Someone volunteered to get up with me and entertain Gracie so that she wouldn’t disturb the neighbors and tear our house apart when I go. I would never do that for him…I’m just selfish….or perhaps he’s wishing I’d get back into shape because he’s tired of being married to a lazy, fat sloth. I like to go early in the mornings when there’s less traffic and dogs aren’t as likely to be out running loose. Anyway, the alarm went off this morning. I cussed, reset it, and went back to sleep. I’m hopeless.

Gracie - excellent watchdog
I finished my dissertation and am still waiting for processing. Forms are routing for signatures via snail mail. I’m not officially “through” until the processing is complete. Meanwhile, I’m sitting in limbo when I should be out beating bushes looking for a new job. Chairman wants me to find a journal and publish my research. I’m not doing that either. There’s nothing to be done until my study is copyrighted into ProQuest.

Dante has a place in hell for people like me. Perhaps it’s Limbo, but as best I can recall, gluttony includes sloth. Vile, freezing slush guarded by Ceberus….sounds about right.

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