Friday, April 6, 2007

ipod is on the mend

My poor iPod is getting better. SOME LITTLE GIRL deleted a bunch of my music and when we sync'd up, we lost a lot. I have recovered about 80% of it by now and hopefully be tonight the iPod will be happy again.

I saw the property I had hoped would be my dream place. It's close, but not the place I want to dive into debt for. The log portion of the house is indeed awesome. The rest of the house needs lots of work. I love the location, it's back in a hollow, you pass lots of horses and cattle to get to it. The down side, there is another house 50 feet away, owned by the house owner's uncle. Even though he is rarely home (he travels a lot), if he were to sell the property and people were to live there, it would be a bummer. Also, you have to cross the uncle's property to get to the lake. No access to the lake from this property. Also, the property is very rocky and steep. The hills are of course beautiful, but it would be a very difficult hike to enjoy 95% of the land I'd be buying. I will keep looking.

I must now put eggs on to boil. We are going to color eggs for Easter.

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