Wednesday, April 4, 2007


My iPod is sad. Some LITTLE GIRL got bored on her spring break and deleted 90% of his happy music from the iTunes library and then I sync'd him before I realized the library had been purged of most everything I had ripped and downloaded. I lost about $15 in music that I hadn't backed up. I learned a valuable lesson the hard way. I will have to re-rip all those CD's this weekend in all my free time and I'll probably download a few of those songs again. I miss my happy iPod.


Sarah Wood said...

Mommy! I'm so happy about your land! I'm sorry about your iPod though. But I already told you that in an email, password protect every aspect of your computer life so any little girls living in the house can't ruin your music. Maybe I can help somehow next time I come home. Oh I know what will help. Look on the music room couch in a small bag, there's a foil covered treat in there just for you.

KYLady said...

Oh, you are the devil himself. I have been thinking about chocolate all day.