Friday, May 13, 2011


So this is Friday. No big papers due this weekend…I can breathe a little…only five more posts to write by Monday. Dissertation work needs me.

Some heavy work-stuff happened this week. I walked the lake a few times to decompress and figured out what the sweet smell was. Wild cherries? Nope. Locust trees? No. Try blackberries. All in bloom now and the most delightful scent.
The little lake is dreadfully muddy after our recent monsoon.  We got 5”-7.5” inches of rain measured around our little tri-state area in just under two hours.  Flash floods were incredible and all the city’s sewers backed up.  Several blocks were under 5 feet of water.   On my walk today, I admired the blackberries and chanced to find a turtle like the one in my yard a week ago.  Also, in the edge of the dammed side, a big old pond turtle was swimming along the surface.            

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