Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lettuce learn to be better farmers

The lettuce…I didn’t thin it as I should have and now look at it!!  The one on the right has done so much better than the one on the left.  The only difference is that I had two separate packets of seeds.  Same brand and variety bought at the same time – but look at the difference.  Hmmm..that company might just have some quality issues.  No matter, I’m pleased as pinecones to have lovely lettuce growing.  I miss having time for my yard. 

I worked hard all day today, didn’t submit my work until maybe 20 minutes ago (‘bout 2:15AM).  A couple of times I strolled outside just to get some of the fine, spring air.  It was cool today, low 70’s, and  very clear, brilliant sunshine.  A day like today makes me want that hill-land/farmland/lake/river/large creek property not too far from here *sigh*…*BIGGER SIGH***** I’ve planted an orchard many times over in my imagination.          
But look here what surprised me today - a lily-of-the-valley.  Delightful and sad at the same time.  I think of Chewy everytime I see a lily-of-the-valley.  I planted 80-some of them in a bed.  Chewy was in her digging stage, dug them all up and ate a good lot of them.  I found a few in the yard, replanted them, and fenced the bed.  Chewy got them again and I gave up on them.  But today, this in all its glory!
Tomorrow is another day.  My team assignment is done (hopefully, other than filling in whatever needs doing with the final version.  So tomorrow, my goal is to write four posts and submit two tomorrow ( and two on Monday.  I better get to bed...wake-up time is fast approaching.

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