Sunday, May 8, 2011

Derby Day, 2011

This weekend, the writing prompt is “two organizations that collaborate within or across industries.” I selected Wal-Mart and Proctor & Gamble because there are plenty of mentions of them in the literature. The reading has been interesting so far. The most striking thing I’ve learned is that RFID technology is still immature, not internationally standardized, and potentially unstable. It can handle pallet-level granularity but the real benefits of the technology lie in perfecting item-level granularity. The technology just doesn’t support item-level with an acceptable degree of reliability. I thought it was ready for prime-time, incorrectly so.

Someone has been watching documentaries on the National Geographic Channel about 9/11 horrors. I walked into the room and got hooked with him. It makes me sad every time I see the loss of lives and destruction.

The family took me out to dinner today for Mother’s Day. We went today because tomorrow the restaurants around here will be jammed. I have no time to stand around waiting for a table. We went late afternoon for an early dinner. The first choice restaurant was a zoo, we drove on past. The second choice was not so crowded. We got seated right away and it was very nice to have dinner with Someone and two of my sweet daughters.

Easter, 2011

Today was the hundred-and-something'th running of the Kentucky Derby.  I picked Nehro to win, but he placed.  No matter, the Kentucky Derby is something I hope to see in person some day.  We plan to the take the girls to Keeneland in October.  I love the race track and smell of horses.   

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