Friday, May 20, 2011


My kids have been reminding me all week that the world is supposed to end today. After three weeks of gloom and rain, the sun is finally shining here. The world could never end on a day like today.

I ran some errands on my lunch break today. I was sitting at a red light (the kind that stays red for half your lifetime) and watched a hawk flying. I love hawks – their feathers are beautiful and I like how they screech. Anyway, on such a perfect day like today, I thought to myself how nice it would be if I were a hawk and didn’t have to go to work anymore. It was a great daydream until I noticed the decals on the back window of the pickup truck in front of me. There were silhouettes of ducks, turkeys, and grouse with a message saying “If it flies, it dies.” Obviously a hunter owns that truck. I think hawks are protected in Kentucky…but that pretty much ruined my daydream.

Sandy Spears' lovely photo of a hawk in her garden

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