Wednesday, February 13, 2013

sentimental journey

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, but yesterday, I thought today was Valentine’s Day.  I raced out on my lunch break and bought a card for Someone and a package of his favorite candy – Almond Joy candy bars.  I’m not sure if almonds bring joy, but perhaps they do when surrounded with coconut and milk chocolate.  I’ll surprise him with these items tomorrow morning. He’ll be surprised because I forget what day it is most of the time.  

I hope Someone doesn’t give me any candy; probably he won’t. Instead, he’ll buy me a sickeningly sentimental card (because that’s the kind he always picks out) and take me to his favorite restaurant where he will order a huge slab of cow carcass (a.k.a. steak), and eat a dozen dinner rolls slathered in butter. Someone is definitely a creature of habit, but I suppose we all are to some degree.

I met Someone in February about a week after Valentine’s Day, 19 years ago.  I worked with a man who played on Someone’s tennis league.  He knew we were both single and the same age, and offered to introduce us.  I’d been single for 7 years, so the prospect of another blind date was nothing to get excited over.  Nevertheless, I wrote my name and number on a slip of paper and the man gave it to Someone.  Someone must have had a similar opinion about blind dates, because he waited a few weeks before calling me.  We talked on the phone a few times and then finally agreed to meet face-to-face for a beer after work one evening.  It was not love at first sight for me, but he looked very handsome in his suit, he was witty, and he was easy to talk to…meaning he liked to talk and I really didn’t have to say much.  Someone doesn’t drink so after he drank a Coke and I drank a beer, we went for a long walk in the park.

We went on a few more dates, but when late-March came and the weather warmed up, golf fever set in. I told Someone that unless he came to the golf course, he wouldn’t be seeing me much.  He immediately took up golf and actually became fairly decent at it.  In the big picture of things, I created a monster.

So, here we are, still together. Thanks to the intervention of a mutual acquaintance, me and Someone got married, merged our daughters from prior marriages into one family, and added twins to the menagerie.  We have a gaggle of girls.  I’m such a lucky woman to have it all in this life.

Hmmm….maybe I’m becoming sentimental in my old age.  "To my husband with love on Valentine's Day"'s pretty generic, isn't it?  Sentimental....not so much. 

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