Wednesday, March 27, 2013

crystal myth

Things are getting better, just as I knew they would. Maybe some people can be glum for long periods, but that is just too hard for me. It takes a lot of energy to be pissed off at the world, and I’m way too lazy to work that hard. When I get all pissy, the best thing for me is to go off and ignore the world for awhile. What I really need is some place to get away from all other human life forms. Hmmm…is there more than one human life form on Earth? Yeah...assholes are kind of like their own species.  I need a kayak!!! Water helps to wash away all the ugly aspects of living in this world.

This morning, I had blood drawn for tests which with any luck at all will identify what I’m so allergic to. With much more luck, it’ll be something avoidable. Several people have predicted it’ll be a wasted effort and the next step will be going to a real allergy doctor for scratch tests on my back and arms. Fun times….we’ll cross that bridge if we come to it. Who knows, it may never come. North Korea is threatening to nuke us…that could change everything if they do – not in a good way.

So yesterday, I took a half vacation day to work very hard on making changes to my dissertation as requested by “the board”. I went home, fired up the laptop, gave Gracie a new chew-bone so she would leave me alone, fed Molly so she would leave me alone (Jack sleeps all day and only pesters me at night), and started to work. The next thing I know, Gracie was barking her head off – the girls pulled into the driveway, home from school. Yes, I slept the entire afternoon away right there in my chair. What do you know? I woke up face down on my keyboard with little squares imprinted into my forehead. What a waste of vacation time!

I heard back from my committee members and chairman last night. My two committee people say to make the changes and they approve them without seeing them. My chairman tells me not to be discouraged – the board never approves on the first pass, no matter how good it is. Just make the changes and stop worrying over it. He assured me I’m almost done. God – I hope so!!!!

Earlier this week, my boss drove down to our office and took me and everyone in IT who works in this part of the state to lunch. We were celebrating my 30th anniversary with the company. It was kind of nice to hear people tell stories; fortunately the person who has the most embarrassing stories on me was working out of town and couldn’t be there. I have a pact with the other person who knows some embarrassing stories about me – we promised not to tell on each other (and I have way worse stuff on her than she has on me…she will take it to her grave).

Logo hidden to protect the (not so) innocent

For my 30th anniversary, I was presented with a framed certificate, a commemorative crystal phallus, and best of all, a catalog of gifts. There are watches, jewelry, gas grills, TVs, GPSs, binoculars, gigantic golf bags, fishing tackle, and a kayak!! But…it’s a sea kayak, made very flat and short. It’s not really the kind I want. SO….there is a pair of bikes – one for man and one for woman. That’s what I’m going to order. I asked Someone if he’d like to have a bike if it was free. He was unenthusiastic. Where would he ride it? Too hilly around here, and no or very narrow shoulders on the roads in our area. Where would he store it? Our garage is too small as it is. How would he haul it? He has no knowhow for transporting a bike.

Tsk, tsk…Someone has so little imagination. He thinks inside a very small box most of the time. We can cross the river to Ohio to ride bikes, or take them to Lexington where many miles of old railroad tracks have been pulled out and the land repurposed into hiking/biking trails. I will buy and install pulleys so we can store our bikes on the garage ceiling. My van has a rack on the roof. If the bikes are too heavy to lift up there, we’ll just stick them in the back of the van. Problems solved! What would he do without me? I think riding bikes could be great fun; so would a kayak. Someone is a bit afraid of water and doesn’t want to become a kayaker. It’s OK. I think Gracie would make a great kayak buddy. She won’t complain or try to tell me where to go. Does anybody believe that?

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