Friday, April 5, 2013

all work and no play...

It’s been a lot of L-O-N-G nights lately. Get up at 6:15 AM, go to work, come home, sit at my desk, work until 2-3 AM. Repeat. UGH. It makes me very, VERY old…and tired.

Last night, I got about 3 hours of sleep before the alarm jarred me awake this morning. I turned the F’er off and decided to quit my F’ing job. Someone asked me if I intended to go to work. I asked him to wake me up when he finished his shower, and promptly fell back to sleep. Next thing I know, Someone is telling me he’s out of the shower. DAMMIT!! I mumbled that I wanted to sleep ‘til yesterday. He philosophized that I must want to sleep forever since yesterday will never come. Good enough, now shut up and let me sleep. But no, my conscience was awake and felt guilty about all the work piling up lately (and here I am typing a blog post, but honestly, I’m way too brain dead to be productive this afternoon)… so get up, get up, GET UP!!! I told myself. But still I didn’t move. I asked Someone to turn on the overhead light, but forgot I’d replaced two of the four bulbs that burnt out a few days ago. It was like the light of 1,000 suns in my eyes. I groaned, rolled over, and buried my head under the pillow. Then Someone threw a blanket over Gracie’s head which is her most favorite game in the world. She got all excited and there would obviously be no more sleeping. The rest of the day is a blur – like the whole week.

When Someone asked me if I was going to work today…it’s a game we play. Someone works significantly fewer hours than me – he gets way more holidays and what they call personal days, but less vacation. We neither one keep track of each others’ schedules. Many mornings I’ll ask him very casually if he’s going to work (as if it’s something he rarely does). He gets all offended and reminds me he has to work for a living like everyone else. The reality (whether he wants to admit it or not) is that he takes off just about every Friday afternoon or splendid day. His office is 30 minutes away, mine is less than 10 minutes away. On most days when he works, he leaves after me and gets home before me. Whenever I say I’d like to work his hours, he says he’d like to trade paychecks. No thanks.

So perhaps one more long night of hard labor will finish up the revisions to my dissertation. I sent it to Dr. Chairman this morning (at 3 AM) because it’s his job to check it over before I submit it again to the board. He’s become more cooperative and responsive these past weeks, all of my committee has. Maybe it’s a sign the end is near (and I’m not referring to North Korea this time). Tonight I will read through it all looking for extra spaces, orphaned headings, extra blank lines, and any other funky stuff like that. My plan is to be ready to submit to the board done by 10 AM tomorrow, but I have to have my committee’s blessings before I can submit anything.

But first, an 18-minute nap when I get home.

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