Tuesday, April 9, 2013

'round and 'round we go

I resubmitted my study to the board, so now…a little much-needed breathing space while I wait for my rejection notice.  My chairman asked what I plan to do for my defense. As if it will be accepted this time, and now it’s time to worry about preparing a powerpoint presentation.  It’s time to get ‘er done.  I WISH!!!!!

My alcoholic brother is doing no better…of course not, he’s just circling the drain until he slides on down it. People he thinks are friends are taking advantage of him, stealing from him, lying to him, etc. It’s a sad thing to watch, but there’s nothing to do for him. It’s like he’s lost all ability to say no. Much of the time he’s too impaired to say anything, but even when he’s sober enough to have a conversation with, he’s in a fog. Perhaps helping him move into that house was a big mistake, but I have to think it’s a little safer than living under the bridge…which he has done before. Someone will kill him for whatever cash he has on him if he doesn’t die from drinking and drugs first.  In my mind, he’s already dead.

On a happier note, Emily has decided to start tumbling again. She used to dance and do gymnastics, started both when she was 3 years old, and loved every minute of it.  She was very good at both, which ultimately forced her to choose because a kid just can’t go to public school, be a level -8 gymnast, maintain adequate muscle tone for ballet, and have any time left over for friends or anything fun. She chose dance, and because she was very good at it and had more time, they placed her in all the advanced classes.  She was expected to be at the studio 25+ hours a week (much more than that during summers), and most of her classmates were much older than her. Once she started high school, interest in having fun with friends increased and interest in dance waned. She quit two years ago.

homework before dance class

So it goes, but now she’s tumbling again. Floor and bars were her favorite gymnastics events – she hated beam and vault. She is going to a small gym not far from home that specializes in tumbling for cheerleaders, so they don’t even have beams, vaults, or bars. She’s been to the gym twice this month and she still looks a bit stiff and rusty, but she can do a back tuck again, roundoff into three back handsprings, and layouts. Pretty cool to watch. It’s amazing to see how quickly she’s coming back.  What’s best of all to see is the big smile on her face the whole time. Her coach even mentioned it. We can tell she’s having fun. It reminds me of that 6-year old kid who couldn’t wait for her classes to start.

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