Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Drumroll please.....the decision is !!!!!!

Last night, I checked my email for at least the 200th time of the day.  Behold!!  There, in my inbox, sat the dreaded email that has been keeping me waiting all these weeks.

With great dread, I opened it.  The first sentence took my breath away.  At last, after all these years of sleepless nights and funless weekends, the board accepted my work.  So after reading the email, I read through it again...and again....just to be sure I wasn’t missing anything important.  After almost 24 hours to take it in, it’s still hard to believe!!  Getting here has taken nearly 4 years.  I lived long enough to see it happen! 


Next comes defending my work.  This will happen sometime in the next 2-3 weeks.  I submitted a PowerPoint to my chairman this evening, and emailed my committee asking for convenient dates and times from them.  Dr. Chairman will tell me if anything important is left out, but more than likely he’ll have suggestions to leave slides out.  That’s OK.  I hate to talk.  Talking less is easier than talking more. 

So, life is good...and what in the world will I do with myself now??  Oh yeah - get ready for the wolves.