Tuesday, April 23, 2013

springing free (in my dreams)

I should be working....but I don’t want to.  I’ve been obsessively checking email the past two days.  The watched pot never boils - apparently it’s true.  My rejection notice is keeping me waiting, waiting, waiting.  While waiting, I’m supposed to be finishing up a Powerpoint for my defense.  It’s started....about 15 slides into it.....I don’t want to work anymore.  If I were a dog, I’d be all snarly and growling.  Probably somebody would get bitten.  Good thing I’m not a dog because nobody would want me.  Man’s worst friend....that would be me.
On a happier note, Erin and I visited Sarah Sunday.  She gave me some lovely fresh eggs laid by her hens who are constantly doing chicken things....such as hunting for bugs to eat, clucking, crowing, and being all cranky.  She has a hen setting on a nest lately.  There will likely be some chicks soon.  

The eggs are sort of like Easter eggs.  They are shades of blue, green, and brown because her exotic hens lay colored eggs.  When Emily first saw them in our refrigerator (she didn’t see me bring them home from Sarah’s house and they were in a carton from a commercial dairy), she shrieked, thinking they were old and rotten.  I got a chuckle out of that.  She’s real paranoid about getting sick from eating food that could be old or spoiled.
Sarah also has calves.  So sweet, and so hungry.   She and Erin fed them.  It seems sad to take the babies away from their mothers so quickly, but this is done because the mamma’s milk is sold and not wasted on babies, or perhaps the farmers are in a hurry to slaughter the mothers.  We should use cloning technology to grow meat in factory settings so we don’t have to slaughter so many live animals.  Someone is a major carnivore and disagrees with my thinking.  If meat was outlawed, I’d be OK with that.  I bet Someone would eat less meat if it were grown in a factory.  

So, OK, enough of this time-waste and back to the Powerpoint.  But first, I'm changing the photo on my blog to spring.  It's SPRING here.  My cherry and apple trees are blooming.  The lilac is smelling like heaven.  The dogwoods are sublime.  The two bicycles given to me for my work anniversary are here; packaged and delivered in two very small boxes.  "Some assembly required"....no doubt.  Another job for Wonder Woman (in all her free time).          

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