Wednesday, July 24, 2013

canine contamination

Emily likes EOS lip balm. It’s somewhat expensive, but she claims it works best compared to other brands. It comes in a round pot that screws together in the middle, so it looks like a round plastic ball.

Emily left her purse open and sitting on the floor. Gracie found her EOS and was in the beginning stages of chewing it up when I walked in from work. She nearly had the lid off when I took it away from her, all slobbery with little teeth marks all over.  Emily walked in and saw me washing it off in the sink. She scolded Gracie, which of course generated zero sympathy from me and Erin. We all know anything left in Gracie’s reach is likely to be destroyed.

Emily to me: “Don’t bother, just throw it away. That’s not going anywhere near my mouth again. You know she’s been eating dead things all day.”

Erin to Emily: “Don’t be such a drama queen. She probably hasn’t done anything worse than lick her privates.”

Point taken. I threw it away.

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