Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I'm blue

Do people see their own faces in their dreams?  I can’t recall ever seeing my face in my dream.  Maybe it’s a good thing, because surely that would be a nightmare.  I don’t like seeing pictures of myself, so maybe it’s the same thing.
I had a dream several weeks ago that’s been on my mind.  In the dream, I had blue cotton candy for hair.  It was like some sort of condition that just happened one morning.  After the initial shock, I took it in stride, like…dammit, I can’t style this and it looks bad, but oh well.  I was walking to work with my heavy, overstuffed laptop case in one hand and something else in the other (I don’t remember what).  People who passed me kept reaching for my head to pick off some cotton candy.  It was upsetting because I didn’t want to have bald patches, and my hands weren’t free to fight them off.   When the door to my building was in sight, it started to pour rain.  That’s when I woke up.  It was such a very strange dream that I haven’t forgotten it.

Dreams can be such nonsense sometimes.  Usually I don’t remember them.  If my hair was cotton candy, maybe I’d have more friends.   Maybe I’d just eat it all myself.  


Sarah said...

I think you would be beautiful with cotton candy hair (and delicious). I've dreamed the last two nights that I had twins, only they were extremely small and when I wasn't feeding them they went in a freezer, but they would always thaw and come back to life when I was with them.

KYLady said...

Funny! I’ve also dreamed I had babies so small I carried them around in my purse and lost them in my desk drawers. Keeping babies in the freezer sounds convenient.

Linda Twaddle said...

Hmmm. Blue cotton candy hair. Is that Marge hair?

Dream indicates a strong fear of a bad hair day. Also suggests a strong lack of control about other people invading your personal space.

Or, deep down, you want to be a punk. If you dream of safety pins in your clothes then that is it.

BTW - I LOVE cotton candy (assuming that is the same as fairy floss). It's a wonderful way to eat sugar, very quickly and lots of it. I am afraid to say that if I saw you down the street with that hair, well, I would have to take a bite.

KYLady said...

Oh my gosh Linda, It was just like Marge’s hair – a big blue beehive. Fairy floss sounds so much more imaginative than cotton candy. I have to admit, it’s a wonderful invention and very hard to resist when confronted by it. Fear of bad hair or desire to be punk – no. People invading my personal space? That’s definitely irritating, but most of the invasions lately are to my work schedule.