Friday, July 19, 2013

technology-dependent technophobic Someone

Oh my! What a long morning, and it’s only 8:30 AM!! I should be working…er, well I am sort of. It’s a long teleconference call about something that impacts me very little. My phone is on mute and neither it nor I have anything to contribute to the pseudo-collaboration taking place just now as I type a blog post. That makes me a disengaged employee. Guilty as charged.

Someone got up EARLY, like maybe 2:30 AM, and rattled around as he got ready to leave on his beach trip. I had just slipped back into full-coma-state sleep when he came back into the bedroom, flipped on the overhead light, and ranted….I don’t know….something unintelligible in a very angry tone about being unable-to-use-the-GPS-and-now-he’ll-have-to-cancel-his-vacation-plans. Ugh. It’s just like the times he says we can’t watch TV anymore because somebody has lost the remote. Nevermind that last night, I printed off directions to and from the beach for him, and put those with a road atlas into his car just in case the GPS broke, or he lost it, or he forgot how to use it.  He is a techno-phobe for sure. To make matters worse, we both know he can’t use a road map. The atlas would really not help him if he got lost. I might as well hand him detailed schematics for a nuclear-powered submarine.

Anyway, I got up, went downstairs to his car, and conducted another session of Basic GPS Usage 101. After another round of good-byes, he drove off into the darkness. Gracie, Jack, and I went back to bed (Molly sleeps with Erin).

Then the alarm jarred me awake at 6 AM. Emily had to catch a bus at 6:30 for cheerleading camp. She already had a cheer uniform on (looked really cute on her) and her hair in a ridiculous high ponytail with a gigantic bow hanging too much in her face. Evidently the coach instructed them to do this nonsense with their hair because when I dropped her off, all the girls had their hair the same way. So drop kid off, back home again, and I reset the clock to sleep 11 more minutes - but NO.  No extra sleep for the weary.  I no more than set the alarm and put my head on the pillow when my phone rang.  Emily forgot to pack X and asked me to bring Y too. The bus was late, so I scurried to find the items and ran them over to her, getting there just as the bus pulled in.

Now I’m a zombie. Not enough sleep, but at least it’s Friday….and I’m shopping for a kayak tomorrow.

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