Friday, April 29, 2011


No whiskey in the house tonight…sadly. I took some time to make love to my guitar tonight…I’ve been away from it too long. Much too long. I was missing Sarah so I went out to YouTube and viewed Keeping the Fire Warm.  That was enough to inspire me to play it.  Sarah (playing banjo in that video) started singing almost as soon as she started talking.  I miss having her music in the house (except for those regrets when those were abandoned).  Emily and Erin play music too. I am blessed with creative and talented children.

This little guy visited our yard the other day.  He might have been hibernating in our ivy for the winter.

Tomorrow, my goals are to complete my team assignment - first draft and submit, and write two posts.  The team assignment is not bad - my part is to write 3-5 annotated bibliographies and do a detailed outline on WebERP, and ERP emplementation, customization, and complexities.  Not bad IF everyone does their part of the whole assignment.  There are only 3 people on my team, the other teams have 4.  Still, I think we have a very capable team.

Two response posts tomorrow and two Sunday on:  unrealistic client expectations, what top management commitment really means, evaluation of intangible benefits, and lack of client preparation.  If I blink, it will be Monday morning.

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