Sunday, February 26, 2012

life happens

Social networking got a bit too social tonight.  I keep chat offline because I prefer to lurk in stealth mode.  But on FaceBook, the status bars get too distracting after more than a few minutes.  No worries like that on the blog though.  Writing my blog is like preaching solo in a sound proof room.  Do I preach?   I hope not.

Today was a good day.  Someone worked an early morning pancake breakfast with his father, so I ran kids today.  Tennis, then pre-calculus tutoring, then to the store for “dire necessities” which turned out to be scrunch spray, a hairbrush, and popcorn.  Then I drove them to a party this evening, came home, and cleaned the kitchen.  Call me Cinderella. 
All the while I was running kids, next week was running through my mind.  I need an attack plan to reconnect with my stakeholders and make them execute.  Maybe it’s time to hit the road.  It’s getting exciting now.  I put the chapters together and merged the reference pages.  I’m rechecking references (it’s good to do that).
Not only work, I found myself thinking about what it might be like to have free time again.  It’s been so long!  Golf.  Tennis.  Play my guitar.  Read books on my shelf.  Play piano.  Learn to play cello?  Landscape our yard.  VISIT SARAH.  Start running again.  Hike.  Sculpt.  Sew.  Learn to knit.  Endless possibilities!
part dog, part kangaroo
I’m officially off work tonight.  And off this computer (just as soon as I read Post Secrets). 

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