Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday status report

Please forgive that dreadful prior post.  I shouldn’t lump all men together in that way.  No doubt there are as many female bitches in the world as there are male assholes (OK, that’s not a very nice comment to make either).   

My chairman set all things square a few nights ago.  Frustrated with his lack of involvement (AGAIN) at this crucial time of the proposal getting-it-finished-and-submitted process, I resorted to sending him a text message.  I got near-immediate results.  WOW!!  Not just mediocre results either.  Amazing results.  I had posted a plea for help in interpreting validation results on a scale I’m using.  The researchers are from the UK and the way they wrote up their results was confusing to me.  He replied that my questions were good ones and he answered them, but also he advised me to get out of the weeds – the stuff I was asking about was way more than I needed to write about in my description.  It’s enough to say they tested the validity and the results were adequate, whereas I was trying to explain their procedure (they performed confirmatory factor analysis to test divergence and the chi-square indicated ….blah…whatever).

I’m pleased to announce the draft of Chapter 3 is done and submitted to my chairman for comments as of yesterday morning.  Folks, that’s all three chapters!!  I’m working now to merge the reference pages and create one big file from the three chapter files.   I have to get all the front-matter and back-matter pages created and added on.  Permission forms signed, submission forms completed…then get it submitted to the review board.  AND THEN????   Celebrate?  Wait…..and see.   

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