Monday, February 20, 2012

Proud mama

You might can tell from reading my blog that I’ve very pleased with my children.  Proud as a peacock – that’s me.   My first baby will soon be 25 years old.  Oh Lord, that makes me remember my age.  She was the center of my world for a very long time.
She loved to sing, and dance, and imagine.  I rocked her to sleep in a rocking chair most nights.  Sometimes I read to her from text books – I was finishing my MBA when she was a baby.  Sometimes I read from Time magazine or Cosmopolitan too.  She watched every thing I did! 
We had a wooden rocking chair, more functional than comfortable.  When I was rocking her, if I wasn't reading to her, she wanted me to sing.  Even when I was sick with a sore throat, she'd pound me on the back if I stopped singing.  "Sing!" she would demand.  I sang everything from nursery rhymes to patriotic songs, to hymns, to Christmas carols, to rock...even acid rock.  Some nights I sang everything I knew!      
Her daddy’s mother has been a church organist most of her adult life.  Her grandfather is an attorney, and also an awesome musician – he can play any instrument he picks up.  Her father was a very good banjo and harmonica player .  Her mother...tries...loves music.   When my baby was three years old, her grandmother told me she had perfect pitch.  She started dance lessons at age 3, and piano lessons at age 5.  She was a  very good dancer, and a very good pianist when she tried. 

My soon-to-be 25 year old baby just spent yesterday entertaining at Dr. Ralph Stanley's 85th birthday party.  That's my baby on that stage!

I'm all smiles, celebrating tonight.  Not a good thing...I should be working!  With the three chapters finished, it feels like i've given birth.  But no - this is just a new beginning.  

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