Sunday, February 5, 2012

Artificial Light

Sometimes I think the electric lightbulb started the downfall of mankind.  Artificial light is our nemesis.    

Girls run through the house all the time, all hours, flipping on lights, leaving them on needlessly – how many times do you have to remind them – electricity costs money! 

The kitchen floor was appalling this evening.  From my desk I can view the kitchen sink and stove area.  My head was in Chapter 3 when it wasn’t in all sorts of hell and delight sprinkled in throughout the day, today. 

Chapter 3 is challenging for me.  In the past few days, I’ve been reading intensively about research method and design,  probabability/nonprobability sampling, causal comparative designs, sampling error, et al., ad nauseaum.  It’s coming along well.  I got a “Great Job” from my chairman.  Very pleased about that, I am.  First two chapters are solid.  It’s time to update my committee and set a commitment on a Chapter 3 deliverable.  A launch date is needed!    

So, I leapt up from my Throne of Knowledge  desk chair, grabbed a broom and dustpan,  and swept the hell out of that kitchen floor.  It’s clean until the next girl-troops tromp through, or Gracie goes out and in again.  Gracie is becoming a very good dog.    

So The Very Sweet and Talented Erin doodled an interesting cartoon.  The caption read, “This is why Twilight is flawed.”  I didn’t see or read Twilight, but it seems to be about a female who loves creatures who wish to harm her.  You can click on the image to make it larger.  I love it.  The werewolf reminds me of Gracie. 

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