Thursday, July 5, 2012


So, it’s Thursday morning and if it weren’t morning with me at work (and supposed to be working), I can see myself pulling the cork out of the bourbon bottle and drinking some liquid oblivion. It’s the day after a holiday and it’s just like Monday morning all over again. Holidays in the middle of the week are really shit. No, that’s not true. It’s much better not to be at work any day of the week. I just prefer three-day weekends. Mondays always suck (unless they’re holidays), and today seems like Monday.

So what will it be like if I ever get to retire? Truly, I fully expect to die before I ever get to really retire. I imagine I will someday be driving home from work and die in a car wreck. It won’t be on the way to work, but afterwards. I hate my job just that much that it can happen no other way. I can’t even imagine a life with no Mondays. I’ve had a “real” job since I was 15 years old – my brain cells refuse to imagine living without work.

So, yes, I’m in a really shit mood. Someone has pushed me to the limit lately. Last night was icing on the cake. It’s like how many ways and things can one person do? And then, here – let’s just add this on top. I like to put blame on somebody or something because somehow, it all seems justifiable when I can do that. But there’s nobody to blame but me. Marriage is marriage is marriage, you know? I have no F’ing excuse at all. I’ve come to believe the real secret to happy marriage is lots (and lots) of space.


linda said...

The trouble is, there is always one person in the marriage who just does not agree with that whole space thing. I think separate houses would work - next door to each other is fine and dandy.

KYLady said...

HA! Next door neighbors? That would be perfect! I suppose that’s more humane than locking him in the basement ;)