Wednesday, December 26, 2012

holiday happiness

What a delightful day to take off work, but alas, tomorrow I return to hell.  I will try to not think about tomorrow. 
Christmas was fun.  Sarah and her...what should I call him...significant male friend?...came to visit us.  It’s always much fun when they come because they are both funny young people; we exchanged gifts before they left late Christmas Eve.  On Christmas Day, Someone’s daughter drove over and spent some time with us.  We had a big family dinner at Someone’s parents’ house with all his siblings and their kids.  Someone’s mother has so many Christmas decorations, their house is like a museum  or crowded gift shop.  Every room and everywhere you look there is something that reminds you it’s Christmas, and much of the glassware and decorations are antique.  I should have taken photos while I was there !  It’s all remarkable but I wouldn’t want the job of setting it all out and packing it all away again every year.  These photos were taken at our house Christmas morning. 


My children gave me lovely gifts this year.  I realize that I didn’t include the gift matches in the photo....I do believe one of my lovely daughters shares a bit of the firebug gene with me J  One can never have too many matches!  The kitty cat salt and pepper shakers make me happy...I filled them this morning.   The knives are splendid and razor sharp.  Peach pie – yummy, and made with Sarah’s own hands with peaches plucked off the tree growing in her yard.  Erin made the bowl with the kitty and Emily made the bowl with the flower. 

Someone’s daughter gave me the softest pair of pajamas I’ve ever worn in my life.  They are wonderful and now I’m completely spoiled.  There was a time in my life, for many years, when I always slept in my clothes...I didn’t even own pajamas.  I like sleeping in pajamas, and it was wonderful this morning because I woke up (in my new snuggly pajamas) to the sound of rain on the roof instead of my alarm clock.  Gracie and Jack were curled up together on the foot of our bed and Someone was still asleep.  It was wonderously peaceful!!  I haven’t had such a perfect morning in so long....I can’t remember how long it has been!  I just layed there for like 10 minutes listening to the rain and enjoying the quiet stillness in the house. 

I sent the draft of Chapter 4 to Dr. Chairman more than a week ago and he has not acknowledged it at all...even after a text message from me at the end of the week.  I will not pester him again until after January 2nd, he can just be what he is.  Late last week, I sent my draft to the one committee member who has been involved (other committee man has been completely uninvolved).  She promised to review it and give me feedback today.  She has been so much more helpful to me than the men on my committee.  I wonder if men treat other men as shitty as they treat women?  So today I will assume all is without issue in chapter 4, and I will start on Chapter 5 which should be the most pleasant of all chapters to write.  Why?  This will be the conclusions that can be drawn from the data analysis and the implications of what I learned.  But more importantly than that.... it is the last chapter!!!  
Dr. Chairman (aka Erin's Easter bunny)

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