Saturday, December 1, 2012

Making the most of procrastination

I’m doing a lot of thinking lately, and not enough writing.
Tomorrow will be the day to get serious. 
Hello Procrastination, so glad you could come.    NOT.

OK, but it’s all too late to worry with that now.  The night is short.

So....about today.  Today was great.

Today starts December and it was a sunny, calm, 60F temperature day - perfect for doing outside work. Our rhododendrons grew too tall and were hiding our windows, so I trimmed them back today.  Then there was a sizeable stack of branches to deal with.  What to do with them???  My first thought was to dump them in the woods behind our house, but then I decided to use some to make a garland to go around the door.  I hope rhododendrons are evergreen enough to look nice through Christmas.    
This morning, we all went to Greenbo Lodge to hear Emily play piano in a Christmas recital.  Every year, the Greenup County Homemaker’s Club decorates the lodge for Christmas, has a baking exhibition, and hosts guests with cookies, punch, and free cookbooks.  They schedule various music groups to come in for the entire day to entertain.  So, Miss Emily played for 30 minutes this morning.  Someone’s parents came to listen, and after Emily played we all walked around a bit to see what was there.  There must have been 30 kinds of cookies and various plates of candy and fudge, beautiful cakes, and just all things sugar and sweet that you can imagine.  Some of it was for sale, most was just to just look at.  So it inspired me, or no, more accurately, it inspired Someone to suggest I should bake a pecan pie for him.  Since I was already out of work-on-Chapter-4 mode, I did it just to be nice and all wifely.  
peace offering
Today, Emily played two duets with her piano teacher and then enough solo pieces to fill 30 minutes.  The lodge has a huge stone fireplace and the main room has tall, open-beamed ceiling with oversized furniture.  It was alive with decorated trees, garlands, wreaths, and poinsettias.  It makes me happy to see and hear Emily do something she enjoys so much.  I really miss seeing her dance, but I accept her reasons for quitting.  *sigh* 

Tomorrow I am WORKING!!!  No wild turkeys. No monkey business!!

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