Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Santa came early

I had a glorious afternoon and evening.  It’s late and I should be getting me to bed, but no, let’s don’t end the day just yet.

An afternoon meeting got rescheduled and that little happening inspired me to take the afternoon off work.  It’s a very big deal in my office to take off.  So in those last 15 minutes before my afternoon of freedom began, I emailed my boss, updated my Outlook calendar, changed my voicemail greeting, updated our section calendar on SharePoint, entered 4 hours of vacation into SAP (corporate timekeeping), and updated my project time in our department timekeeping system.  Is that insanity or what?

Before going home, I stopped by a store and bought wrapping paper, ribbon, tape, Christmas cards, and...cold medicine for poor Erin who has caught something not nice, probably a nasty cold virus.  Now it’s feeling like Christmas to me.  I came home and made platters of cheese and grapes on skewers to take to two places tonight.  Normally, it would have been a high-stress thing because instead of buying something already made to take, I decided to do it myself.  Also, instead of having to slop it all together at the last minute which is typically what happens, I took all afternoon to cut giant blocks of cheese into little cubes, assemble it all, and arrange it all nice and concentrically on the platter.  It was fun!!  The photo is the small one for the party I took Emily to earlier this evening.  The larger one (not pictured) had crackers in the middle and it went to the Christmas orchestra concert with us (parents were requested to bring finger food).  Is there any food we could make to look like fingers?  I always think of eating fingers when I see “finger food”. 
Miss Erin before her performance - principal viola

After the orchestra concert tonight, I bought a guitar for ME!!  My old guitar has an incurable buzz.  I bought it, a Harmony dreadnought, at a pawn shop in Newport, Kentucky in like 1981.  I loved it then, and have loved it for many years...but it’s warped and sad these days.  Its strings break too frequently.  A friend decided to sell his old Martin guitar; it’s one I’ve admired for a long time (OK, since last summer).  I took it off his hands – easy decision, price was right.  Looks like Santa came early this year.  Life is very good!   

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