Sunday, January 20, 2013

Marti-Gras centipedes

I promised myself that by end of today, Chapter 5 would be written and submitted to my chairman.  Yeah right, same promise I made to myself every day this week.  Tony wrote about making\breaking contracts with ourselves, but looks like I didn’t learn much.  So, I tried not making the promise a few times and guess what, I didn’t do any work on it at all those days.  Perhaps it’s better to make the promise and feel guilty about it than not to make the promise at all.  Maybe at least I’ll guilt myself into getting it done eventually. 

Very big news!!  Miss Erin was asked to the Sweethearts school dance.  It’s huge for her because she agonizes over the fact that she’s 17 and never been asked on a date at all.  She believes she is so fat, ugly, and geeky that that that the only man who will ever ask her to marry him will be blind and deaf.  She worries she will be alone her whole life with nothing but a houseful of cats to keep her company.  It’s sometimes hard to keep a straight face when she laments that the half the girls in middle school are pregnant and she can’t pay a boy to even look at her.  The boy who asked her is a senior, plays on the football team, and is captain of the academic team - nice looking boy and smart too!  Jackpot!

Today, we went shopping and she found a lovely dress.  I think it’s beautiful on her.  She wouldn’t let me take pictures of her face because her hair and makeup were sub-par (i.e. less than perfect).  I sent Sarah the photos and she commented that the dress looks like it has Marti-Gras centipedes on it.  It's really lovely but the photos just don't do it justice.  It's very sparkly and colorful and quite flattering.  The centipedes are sequins and the waist has colorful jewel flowers.  She will wear silver shoes (with ridiculously high heels more than likely).        

She still needs to find shoes
laces up the back...lots of work to get on and off!

special deal - earrings for "free"

While Erin was trying on dresses, I spied wedding dresses in the store.  Perhaps someday I’ll be accompanying a daughter when she tries on wedding dresses.  It’s sort of a happy and sad thought all at the same time.  I just never had any desire for a fancy wedding dress or a big wedding.  Those are things for other people; not for me.  With both weddings, I bought a dress off the rack no more than two weeks before the wedding.  Buying a dress was nothing more than a get-it-done mission.  Do or die - it seems to be the most effective way.              

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