Thursday, January 10, 2013

rut wrath

This blog is sort of a pathetic diary that documents just how ordinary and unexciting my life is. It’s kind of good that I’m a plain Jane sort of person; I don’t like being the center of attention. Even so, sometimes I wish for something extraordinary to happen to me, like winning the lottery, or maybe being abducted by nice aliens who want to show me their planet. I would rather have my comfortable rut than have something tragic happen.

What is my life? Typical day…get up, go to work, come home, work, go to bed. Repeat. Day after day. Pretty dreary stuff. No wonder I have nothing to blog about. Sometimes, I even dream I'm at work all night.  A few times, I dreamed I was sleeping.  If it weren’t for living vicariously through my kids, my heart would stop beating in self-defense from sheer boredom. But really, I’m rarely bored.

Chapter 5 will be the death of me. I’m trying to write a discussion of my second hypothesis. Honestly, it’s all getting a tad dreary because the data significantly supported all my hypotheses. The twist is that the results weren't quite what I expected. Now I’m trying to figure out why the results are what they are. The only explanation I can imagine is that the age and experience of my sample influenced the results. Why did mostly older, experienced people take my survey? I think it’s because older people valued the $15 gift card more than younger people. Maybe older, experienced people have worked long enough to see people get hurt on the job and care more about safety on the job. Perhaps it’s a combination of these things.  Perhaps it's neither.

So the eminent Dr. Chairman finally graced me with feedback on Chapter 4. Thankfully, he is OK with the results. His complaints were all cosmetic. He suggested it might not be appropriate to have tables in Chapter 4. Obviously he was on crack when he made that comment. A quantitative study with no tables in the data analysis section?  Seriously?  He said nobody really likes histograms so get rid of them. He remarked that my scatter plots are not APA 6th edition compliant. I read the manual, viewed recently published dissertations, and checked examples online. I see nothing wrong so asked him to identify the issues for me. The most worrisome complaint is that he said significant is significant, and nobody cares how significant. It doesn’t matter if there’s a 1% chance or a 5% chance of being wrong, just state it all as a 5% chance of wrong. The great and powerful Oz has spoken, so I will bow and kiss ass dutifully.

I just want to get done and graduate. Life is short. Mine isn’t getting any longer.


Linda and her Twaddle said...

I think most people see their life as boring, that is why they don't mind reading about what other people do. It reminds them that everyone else is ordinary and ordinary is good.

Where you work sounds so, so, wordy. And possibly bureaucratic. Intellectually challenging.

My work is numbery, papery and totally chaotic.

And I have no idea why I even mentioned work. It's because I am currently at work. I should get back to work shouldn't I?

KYLady said...

Wordy and bureaucratic – that’s quite accurate and probably describes any large corporation. I don’t envy your job at all. It became evident very early in my career that I don’t like working with anything that relates to money, counting, or accounting. I’m grateful for all people who like that sort of thing so they can do it instead of me.