Tuesday, January 1, 2013

starting 2013 with a wimper

Obviously, I’m not the party animal I used to be.  Some of the best parties I’ve ever been to were on New Year’s Eve.  New Year’s was something I planned for and looked forward to.  This year, it has been a non-event.
It was a very long day at work yesterday – I got to the office early hoping to leave a bit early since after all, New Year’s Eve is a pretty big deal and opportunity for celebration.  But no, we had big troubles at work and I ended up staying until just after 7:30 PM.  It was one of those days where people won’t commit to doing anything, people who know the answers are unavailable, and I’m stuck with a phone to my head most of the day...very tiring and headache inducing.
After work, I dragged myself home, plopped down on the couch, and picked up the remote with the intention of vegging out for 30 minutes.  Thirty minutes stretched into the whole evening.  The girls went off to parties, Someone got disgusted with me and spent the evening on his treadmill, and I finally gave up and went to bed early.  Someone has been off work for nearly two weeks – I don’t envy his tomorrow.  Mine isn’t looking too rosy either – the troubles from yesterday are still not entirely resolved.

I’ve let my alcoholic brother (AB) derail Chapter 5.  It’s not good.  Me, Someone, and my other brother (OB) pooled our free time this week and found a house for AB to buy and move into. One of the great things about living in a depressed area in bad economic times is that it’s a buyer’s market.  AB will seriously deplete his financial resources and within two years, he will likely be bankrupt.  None of us believe AB will live long enough to have to deal with it; if he does, he’ll be in a nursing home on government assistance by then.  I kind of think it's where he should be now.  Some would say any help we give him is enabling him to continue drinking.  Others say we should help him because he’ll die in the winter cold (no homeless shelter in his area), and he is too brain damaged to help himself. 
Nevertheless, it’s going to take more time for all of us (at least for OB and me) to get the deal closed on the house, get AB moved in, and get utilities turned on.  Once it’s all done, then we’ll wait for the inevitable. 


So today is the start of 2013 – I hope everyone in the world can start the year off in a good way.  As for me, I didn’t set the alarm clock this morning and that’s best way of all to start any day.  It’s time to take down Christmas lights and the Christmas tree, but I’ve decided to be lazy as hell today.  It will all wait until next weekend.  Someone is spending the day at his parents’ house so he can eat his mother’s good cooking and watch football games all day long with his dad.  I cleaned the kitchen, am working the mountain of dirty laundry, and screwing around on my computer. 

*sigh* I'm already sitting here, and just too lazy to get up and go see what's on TV.  Maybe I’ll just open Chapter 5 and try again...      


Linda and her Twaddle said...

Ah, your New Year was a wee bit more exciting than mine. Did you get the Christmas tree down? I still haven't. Always some sort of excuse to avoid doing it.

It is hard work in relation to your brother. My husband has a rather difficult sister with problems that span back her entire 57 years. He dreads her phone calls (of which there are a few each day). You just cannot choose family can you?

Spending New Years eve on a treadmill is kind of funny.

Hope 2013 is special for you. Peaceful.

KYLady said...

I was going to take down and pack away all the Christmas lights and decorations this weekend, but I don’t think there’ll be enough spare time to do more than get started.

A few phone calls a day from your sister-in-law sounds very tiresome. My brother has walked the wild side since he was a young teen, and he’s like a cat with 9 lives. I fear he has none left, but maybe he’ll surprise us.

Good luck getting your tree down.