Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Great Divide

Things have just been shit lately and it’s not a good frame of mind for writing a blog post. The post I wrote last night was so gnarly and vile that it went straight to the bit bucket. Life is just too short for shit that’s been going on this week, but the distance between Tuesday and today has improved my disposition.

Office politics have taken bullshit to a whole new level. It would not surprise me if I get a new supervisor within the next six months. Nothing happens quickly in a bureaucratic corporate machine, but it appears my supervisor just hammered the last nail into his coffin this week. Pity….I kind of liked him as a person and didn’t mind his incompetence. I’ve had more freedom working for him than any of my other supervisors.

I’ve had to deal extensively with my alcoholic brother’s (AB) shit this week (AB can also stand for asshole brother). Not true – I didn’t HAVE to help him, it was my choice to help.  Actually, I’m helping AB because my other brother (OB) is at his wit’s end. In a nutshell, I helped AB find and buy a house because nobody would rent to him and OB has become way too stressed out living in the same house with him.  OB asked me to help get him out.

I took Monday off work to transport and assist AB to sign legal paperwork to transfer a house and utilities into his name. After dealing with AB all day, I had a few drinks myself when I got home. What a nightmare! AB is miserable and very grouchy when he has to be sober enough to barely function. If I could have taken care of business without him, it would have all been done in a half day. He’s 56 years old and moves and talks like someone who is a senile 90. Life is definitely complicated for someone like AB.

Tuesday morning, I was scrambling at work (with all sorts of problems going on at work) to finish business for AB. Finally I called in the big gun, Someone, to make a phone call using his most authoritative legal voice to coerce the gas company be more flexible. Mission accomplished and with all that was going on at work, I called AB to tell him the good news…because I thought he would be relieved to hear it. Instead of any hint of appreciation, he said something so despicable I would have punched him in the face if he’d been standing in front of me.

Tuesday morning, the world was crashing in. I came to realize that all the mess in my head was other people’s problems. All of it! It’s really hard for me to separate helping people with their problems from owning their problems.

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