Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I do NOT want to see pictures of my office anymore.  This post is about what?  Anything NOT work-related. 

Saturday Jerry and I drove out to see that spot of property pictured in a prior post.  It is a lovely place, but I have to know where the boundaries are before I could seriously consider buying the place.  The agent's description of the property didn't fit anything around what could reasonably be positioned with the agency sign.  It's a 50 minute drive in good weather, I hoped to stay within a 35 minute drive.  What I saw were two large fields with a shallow creek running down the middle.  Kinniconick creek runs along the back of the fields.  On the other side of the creek are wooded hills.  We parked just off the road, walked across the field along the small creek, and stepped down on the shore of Kinniconick.  This is the upstream view.

From the same spot, I turned and this is the view downstream.  Happy little rapids, and some interesting creek rocks.  This creek has red sandstone similar to Indian creek in Rowan county.  I bet a person could find some arrowheads in this creek if she had time to look.   

From the looks of the shoreline of both the little creek and big creek, the property has seen some considerable flooding.  I would have to ask neighbors for info about how often the propery floods and how bad.  I look at the fields and see a giant orchard, the creek for my kayak, and the hill on the other side as a campground.  Realistically, I wouldn't camp on the other side of the creek.  I'm also thinking about Kinni's reputation for being a snakey creek.  I'm not at all fond of snakes.  If I were a snake, I'd plan to live up on the hill out of the flood plain. 

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