Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Symbiotic Synergy or Synergistic Symbiosis

The night is very cold and clear – sky just fabulous as always on a clear night here in the lovely state of Kentucky. I stepped away from my work to re-establish blood circulation to my brain...after sitting too long, I’m reading but taking nothing in. The city lights are becoming more (too much) around here. This area is growing more populous quickly. A place in the country is calling…

Yesterday, I was told about a tremendous opportunity. How odd – I didn’t realize the opportunity was even there until tonight. I have been processing the conversation for over 24 hours. Am I really that dense and slow? Anyway, one facet of the giant opportunity involves my leading a work project that is complementary to the direction of my new dissertation topic. It’s the oh-so-magical and wondrous SYNERGY. Work on one benefits the other – is that symbiosis? I vote YES.

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