Friday, February 4, 2011

Never let go of hope

Tonight – it’s been good. Things went well at work today, karate class was challenging, AND I made some progress on my dissertation topic selection issue.  Now blogging in the quiet of early evening (11:18 PM currently).  At last, time is mine.

In the prior post, I included a picture of my amazing plant.  The flower stalk grew large in just two days. The blooms resemble clover. Starting yesterday, the bloom pods opened up and the scent was intoxicating – I love it!!! When I came into work this morning, I brought a camera, but guess what! The flowers were curled up into pods again.  I thought maybe my space gets really cold at night because it’s always cold in the morning there.  It was exactly the same time today as yesterday – late afternoon (4:30 PMish) – they popped right open. The plant is very mercurial…it feels like a room-mate. Common name is corn plant (see prior post for a botanical name).  I love my jungle.

Take a whiff of this!

OK - now the big news - I'm narrowed to two topics and I love them both (well, er ...maybe).  One involves social networking and entrepreneurs.  The other involves near miss incidents - I'm not convinced I have access to a population for the latter prospect.  Anyway, I feel like things are moving, my motivation and excitement about it are growing.


Sarah Wood said...

I think I like the near-miss incidents thing. If there isn't much data than you could become the go-to lady on the subject.

I think every teenage girl in a research class thinks about writing about Facebook!!

KYLady said...

The university upgraded the library and my searches are returning more hits. It's good news - I read another 18 journal articles today on near miss incidents and still have no thoughts about how to construct a study. On this topic - there are not many studies done - it's mostly consultants writing "how to" articles. It's fascinating stuff, just not very helpful to somebody like me.

AND NO!!! I'm not considering a dissertation about Facebook. It would be much more generic than that. I was thinking Web 2.0 technologies to create and sustain customer and\or B2B relationships. Thinking I could find enough entrepreneurs to do a survey.

The near miss is important and I'd love to do more work in the HES field. I have a giant opportunity in two weeks to meet and greet in two weeks. I have some grandiose ideas about the other as well. I'm checking out the road ahead...