Saturday, February 26, 2011

A teen's conceptualization

Erin and Emily were invited to Friend’s house to spend the night. Erin looked at Emily and said, "You think we ought to eat before we go?” Emily nodded, eyes big, "Oh definitely!"  I asked, "What's wrong - Friend has no food at her house?" Both girls started in, “they only eat healthy stuff when they eat; no snacks; lunch is a granola bar, etc.” Erin finished with, "Yeah, Going to Friend's is just like getting a colon cleanse." I busted out laughing! What a funny compliment!  If it were my choice, we would not keep any junk food in the house.

Anyway, Erin doodled a picture and it made me smile. I asked her if I could have it. She autographed it on the spot and gave it to me. My favorite thing about it is the boss’s shirt – it has a patch that says Boss. Just as if Boss is the person’s name. Several years ago, she asked “What do you call your boss? Do you call him Boss?” “No Erin,” says I, “I call him Andy.” She said, “That doesn’t seem very respectful.” I smiled and remembered there are worse things than being called your name. I have nothing against my boss, by the way. This is how my 15-year old conceptializes the world of work (you can click on the picture to enlarge it).

So where does that meaning for “business world” come from?  TV? – it has to be!  She may hear Someone and I talking about our work.  We rarely talk about work but when we do, it‘s because we had a recent victory or defeat experience.  He's in a government law office and I'm in corporate IT hell.  I find her perspective interesting. Notice Boss is humming! 


Sarah Wood said...

They must allow boob jobs an liposuction as part of their health plan in that office : -)

KYLady said...

Well, you would think with her figure, she wouldn't have to compete for a raise...then again, Boss has his eyes closed.