Friday, February 11, 2011

My workspace

I should be researching but NO, I’m screwing off this Friday night. I did a search for “leadership style safety culture” in peer-reviewed literature and brought back 28-or-so links. Maybe half were relevant so I downloaded them, and read maybe four of them so far. I’m trying to figure out something about safety culture, leadership style, and intent to report near miss incidents. How does leadership style create a culture that will support near miss reporting? One reasearcher asserted that it doesn’t matter so much about leader personality or style, it’s about leader behavior. I’m not sure I agree with that. So…what just happened is that I was happily writing this blog and slipped into thinking about work. I’m falling behind on my Near Miss project because of other infrastructural changes that are forcing me to make changes with my applications. Not only that, I’m working out of office 4 days next week – for new work…not my currently ongoing work. Next week I am WONDER WOMAN – I sell a vision to people I don’t know.

My lovely daughter requested I post shots from my workspace. I work in a land of cubicles. It is noisy and stark, but at least I have a window. My window wall has lots of plants which makes my space the second-most awesome on the floor. An engineer on the other side of the building has a pineapple plant that bares fruit, orchids, a venus fly trap, etc. But he has an office and twice as much space.  I just have a cube.

This is the row I'm in.  I'm  on the left.

Turn the corner and look into my little corner that's not totally beige, taupe, tan, cream, black, or white.  My plants add a little bit of interest.  

And then this, another 45 degrees counter clockwise - the war zone.

So, you like to play I spy?  I spy with my little eye a buzzard feather, a hawk feather, and a turkey feather, a funny little ceramic rat cup filled with seeds, a pinecone, and a blue jay feather.and a sand dollar.  To my left when I'm sitting in this chair, is a stack of more files and a stack of boxes.  So there you are, nothing magical about where I work.  Let's quit thinking about work!

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