Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Molly Pest

I’m trying to write a blog here!!!! THIS CAT IS ALWAYS IN MY FACE!!! If she’s not in my lap (I have to reach across her to type while she constantly rubs her head against my arms), she’s crowding my mouse space, or climbing my stacks of books and papers and knocking stuff over.  I rub her fur the wrong way but she doesn’t care…she's not normal!  Her big plume tail is swishing across the keyboard, purring loudly, chin resting on the table my mouse space, of course.  She has Stepford eyes in this photo, and she's laying on the notes that I was trying to use...oh, and guarding my pen (while crowding my space). 

So, I posted a reply to my mentor.  My response was civil and honest.  I don't think his job is to help me find a topic, so I didn't ask.  Instead, I told him I'd considered six or so topics since our last chat and none were convincingly suitable.  Perhaps I'll open a dialogue about one of the topics with him tomorrow.  My favorite would be near miss incidents.  These are fascinating to me.  I'm writing specs for a near miss reporting system for my company this week.  Is that an opportunity, or what!  I get to work on something that interests me.  The past nights, safety auditing is what the focus has been.  The literature is pitiful on this topic!  Is this my perception because of deficencies in the library, or is it really that no studies are being done?  Perhaps my mentor will know the answer.  Why are no studies being done??  Companies are very protective of this data.  In the current climate, large corporations are always suspect - what are we doing wrong now???

So tonight, I was also thinking about social networking again.  How much do our local farmers use social networking to attract business?  We have the Farmer's Market Association.  Could I develop a model to increase traffic at Farmer's Markets using social networks?

This reminds me that I want to buy some property...but no time to look.  I want a kayak - I miss water.  This property is for sale...on Kinniconnick in Lewis County.  There's 35 acres of what looks like creek bottoms.  Price is reduced to $56,000.  A campsite and a place to put my kayak in.  Pretty expensive for Lewis County - but flat land and much of it clear...if it doesn't flood, I could plant an orchard there.  I WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  An hour away, at most.  :)))))


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