Friday, November 4, 2011

critical overflow

It’s been an insane week….and about to get worse.  Emily has been sick all week and missed school five days.  That’s tough with her schedule of accelerated classes.  The kids get a four day weekend for a teachers meeting and election day, and I collected all her missed assignments from her teachers, but she is still unable to do much.  She saw her pediatrician twice and an ENT specialist this week.  Next week, she has more tests.  They want to rule out common things and some scary things before they send her to a cardiologist.  So yes, it’s a lot on my mind…I hate to think my daughter is sick and nobody knows what’s wrong or when she will be better.   

Also, the contractor called and is ready to start tearing into our house Monday morning.  This has been in the works for many months, but I’m not ready.  I have no time to spare, but tomorrow I must start packing stuff up and moving it out of the way, and go pick out floor covering, paint, and bathroom fixtures.  We are renovating two full baths and a half bath…can I just do them all the same?      

Also this week, I did some of the final paperwork for my grandfather’s estate.  Two more small details (assuming  this last bit was done correctly) and it will all be over.  When my grandmother died, my grandfather was unable to get out much so I did the legwork to settle her estate for him.  When I walked out of the bank on the last detail, it kind of hit me that that was the last thing I would ever do for her.  My grandfather has been gone for 16 months, but doing his paperwork seems to keep him in the present.  It’s funny that I grew up with this man – I lived in his house (he was my father), but I hardly knew him at all until the very end.  He talked more in the last months of his life than he did in all the other years I knew him combined.  He was a man of very few words. 

Pop with my brothers and me

Also, I have to get Chapter 2 of my dissertation cranked out by the end of next weekend.  That’s a commitment I put on myself.  I submitted Chapter 1 to my chairman for review.  He returned it with NO corrections at all.  That's good news, or does it just mean he barely read it?  I know I'm not that good!  He said it was rock solid and to submit it to my committee for review.  The man on my committee said he won’t review anything until the proposal is complete.  The woman on my committee said she will review it and give me feedback by the end of the weekend.  I wish I had more women on my committee.  

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