Sunday, November 13, 2011

rough seas

Sibling rivalry can get really ugly, but only recently have I realized just how ugly it can be.  It is really hard with twin girls and we (father and I) always thought we were careful not to show favoritism, to treat them the same as much as possible given the night-and-day differences in them.  Of course, I know it’s impossible to treat any two people the same because no two people are the same.  Not long after they started talking, I started hearing the complaint that something wasn’t or isn’t fair.  My standard reply was (and still is) that there is nothing fair in life. 

What is remarkably in my face these days is how the girls are constantly comparing themselves to each other.  Both also make assumptions/accusations about how their father and I are constantly comparing them and what our expectations are.  Sometimes I wonder how we will survive these last two and a half years of high school.  It’s been a very, VERY tough year for all of us.    

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