Tuesday, November 29, 2011

get me a lasso - QUICK!

Well, I’m totally NOT in the mood to work tonight…so here I sit screwing around and not working.  I may as well make a dash to the liquor store and indulge, but I’ve committed to walking the straight and narrow until my proposal is submitted.  If I don’t get back to work after posting this crap to my blog, I’m going to clean the bathroom (something really fun, right?) 

I’ve been reading Tony’s blog and trying to learn about the psycho stuff he writes about.  He’s a successful author and who better to take hints from than somebody who’s successful?  I was never interested in his sort of stuff until recently, and it seems my dissertation is more suited to a DM in organizational psychology than a DM in information systems and technology.  That happened out of my sheer ignorance.  I became interested in near miss incidents because I loved listening to the safety and environmental managers talk about accident investigations and dumb things people do that cause accidents.  That was long ago and now that I know more…I believe it’s wrong to blame the victims when we should be blaming the system that enables and sometimes even facilitates people to make mistakes.  But of course, there are plenty of dumb-asses in the world, no doubt about it.      

By chance, I’m implementing a Near Miss reporting system for my employer so all the research helped me make some good decisions for them (not that they would give a shit…I’m just doing my job).  So once I started researching about safety, I learned it’s all about supervisors playing head games with their subordinates, trust, social exchanges, reciprocity, etc.  I have the EQ of a hand grenade and I’m going to have to defend this thing (hopefully) in the spring.  My dissertation study does have important implications for companies investing big bucks in reporting systems.  It’s not without merit.     

Tony says he gave his “free child” two weeks off from writing.  I’m going to have to beat mine with a club to get it back to the grindstone.  My free child is not very compliant.  The draft of Chapter 2 is nearly done, but it needs a lot of cleanup and I have to add about 40 or so references to the reference pages yet (I got really lazy with references lately).  It also needs some sub-headings.   I ran the first 25 pages through the plagiarism checker and it was clean.  I love when that happens! 

Home improvements are still going on.  The new floor is down and I love it!!  Here’s a photo of the ex-dining room / new office room.  Now I’ve decided I want a big area rug in it, new curtains, and it’s supposed to be painted tomorrow (I think).  We have a new back door off the laundry room.  It might look like a plain-Jane ordinary door to you, but to me…it’s beautiful!  Pristine and white.   Even the glass is clean J)))    
New floor

So I went to the doctor last night and let him cut the place off my lip.  He cut it all away and sent it off for a pathology check.  If it’s OK, I do nothing else but live with the scar.  If it’s bad, I go back for more cutting.  Hopefully I am through with it all.  It’ll be a small scar and it’s not like I was ever a beauty queen to begin with.  I’m supposed to find out results in two weeks.    

I threatened Gracie that I will send her to military school if she doesn’t straighten up.  She continues to chew everything up and I can’t get a moment of peace when we’re in the same room together.  Hmmmm…maybe I should send my free child to military school with her.  Maybe my free child is gonna run away from home…join a gang, or kill me in my sleep.  

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