Tuesday, November 8, 2011

home improvements underway

I backed out of the driveway this morning, same as always.  Just as I shifted from reverse to drive, I glanced up and saw an 8-point buck standing in the road right in front of me.  He was magnificent.  We looked at each other for a few seconds; he tipped his horns toward me and snorted, and then moved on making his way toward the woods behind our house. 

Contractors tore into our house yesterday.  So it begins!!  Finally!!!  Unfortunately, this is the worse time for it but so it goes.  Years ago, when we had our kitchen remodeled and our basement finished, I agonized over every decision.  So many choices and I wanted it all to be wonderful and perfect in the end.  This time, I have no time for the distraction of it all.  Saturday morning I got to the paint store as soon as it opened and grabbed some of those sample paint strips in shades of green, gold, and brown.  Next I stopped at the floor store, selected samples of two laminate and two vinyl.  I made final decisions on the floors of five rooms in less than 15 minutes total – 10 minutes in the store and 5 minutes in my house.  Paint color is another story...and I still need to pick bath fixtures – a new tub, toilets, sinks, faucets, towel bars, etc. 

Very early in my marriage, I learned that sharing a bathroom with my husband would be impossible.  He is just much too gross.  Perhaps I’m a man-hater and my standards are too strict, but sharing a bathroom with my first husband was not an issue.  He was so much better at cleaning up after himself.  He had gone to military school when he was young and I think they drilled good habits into him.  He told me that he was frequently made to clean showers and latrines while he attended the school and it totally grossed him out.  I worked restaurants in high school and college and cleaning rest rooms was always part of my job.  No doubt about it, many people are insensitive and gross.  My husband isn’t a slob because he’s insensitive; he’s just got the maturity of a 12 year old when it comes to things like cleanliness.  Perhaps I should hire a nanny for him.

Our newest mess-maker...about to create another

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