Saturday, November 19, 2011

dire straits

It was a spinning-my-wheels sort of day.  Tomorrow has to be very different.  It’s too much stuff running through my head while I’m trying to concentrate on my proposal – chapter 2.  I wanted to be done last weekend and here I am with four more sections to write… at least 20 pages to write, probably more.    

My brother has been in intensive care this week; he’s still in the hospital.  He’s doing some hard-core detoxing.  Hopefully it’s not all for nothing.  I fear it will be.  He’s already making plans, and the beast always wins.      

We have a lovely new deck on the back of our house now – much nicer and a bit bigger than the old one.  Next we are getting a new floor in our foyer, hall, and dining room.  It will all be the same, and the dining room will be transformed into an office.  Still debating repainting it.  It was white when we moved in, and it’s still white.  Imagine the room with color……hmmmm…..what color?   Or imagine leaving it white for now and getting settled back in and back to work as quickly as possible.      

It’s been a week of disappointments, negotiations, travel, and stress.  Driving down to the hospital last night reminded me of the trips to the hospital to visit my grandparents.  The room my brother was in was all too familiar.  Interestingly, I mentioned that to my other brother and he said he had the same premonitions.     

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