Tuesday, November 22, 2011

time skew

It’s only Tuesday night but I seemed to have moved on into a new dimension.  Thanksgiving is Thursday and Someone went out and bought groceries.  I’ll be making a quick vege casserole to take to the big feed over at the in-laws house.  There will be obscene amounts of food on Thursday…I don’t even want to think about it.  My head has not been in the current time zone lately. 

My brother exited the hospital and refused rehab.  I don’t know where he is or what he’s doing, but I can guess.  He and I are very much alike. 

The home improvements are well underway.  We’ve had a monsoon here all day and rain for the past few days.  I haven’t been outside to take pictures.  The screened porch is now reinforced and rescreened.  The little deck was torn down and built back – bigger, better, and higher off the ground.  We really like it!  I’ll get some photos when the weather improves.

So we have a new floor to replace the old beat up parquet floor.  They are laying it overtop the old wood floor.  I called several places but nobody is willing to sand and refinish parquet floor.  The floor will go in the foyer, hall, and in the dining room…soon to become the computer room/my office room.  I’ve decided we’re painting the new office room.  They got a few planks put down today.      
The new floor is lighter...I hope it'll go OK with the woodwork. 
Dining room soon to be my new office room and computer room
Hoarder's paradise
The above picture here is my temporary workspace - a saggy, rickety card table surrounded by all the clutter from the dining room, the hall coat closet and another closet.  I went to Office Max today at lunch and looked at desks.  They are all that composite wood that weighs a ton.  I'd rather have a real wood desk that is easier to move around and constructed better.  
The last photo here is our bathroom.  It is rewired, painted, and has a new floor down.  It's ready for fixtures and a new light...as soon as everything comes in.  We are waiting for the sink cabinet and light bar for over the sink mirror to come in.  Not much to see in this photo, but here it is.
half bathroom
 So tomorrow is my last day of work then a four-day weekend.  I must work like a dog to catch up on my proposal.  I'm getting a new boss in two weeks.  I've been asking around to see what people know about him.  I heard two interesting remarks.  One person said he is "high maintenance".  The other person said they call him "the pretty boy".  That last bit of info is valuable.  I'll have to try not to ruffle his feathers.  
Gracie...trying to be a good dog


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