Thursday, November 10, 2011

let there be shelves!

I blew off work tonight…not a good thing at all.  It’s time to make a plan to move my workspace.  All these books, and CDs, and stacks of paper, and God knows what else that stay stacked up in front of my face are going to the living room.  In this room I’m in, we’re tearing out carpet and getting new light.  My favorite part:  clearing out the clutter and putting what I want in here back in here.  I’d love to have it painted, and change these damn drapes.  This room has been my cocoon for more than three years now.  It’s dreadful!  I need shelves,  LET THERE BE SHELVES!!!  We’ve purchased a legion to improve our castle here.  It’s going to be good!  MY SPACE.  Well *sigh* not really.  
My dissertation…I’m writing about safety culture, and stumbled across some interesting controversy.  Not going to think about it tonight though…seeing’s how I’m taking a break and all.

I’ve been including some old family photos because well…what good are old family photos shut away in a shoe box forever?  Here is a photo of great grandfather Black holding my little brother.  That couple standing in the back left are my parents. It looks like they are still a couple.  The white building in the background is a church in St Paul, Kentucky.  On the back of the building was a room where ladies got together for quilting bees.  There were big trees behind the church that made wonderful shade.  They were old sycamores and black walnut trees.   On the far side of the church, just past the churchyard fence, was my great grandfather’s best watermelon patch.  The girl sitting and looking at the camera, is my father’s cousin, Kathy.  She got married and had four children.  Her husband murdered her when her youngest child was (I think) high school age.  On the right in the darkness, you can make out the wheel of an old rusty wheelbarrow.  The wheelbarrow was my personal favorite – it was the easiest to handle when it was loaded heavy.  I zoomed way in to see it, also saw it looks like a big scab on my face. 
Great grandfather holding little brother

I have one (big scab) now, thanks to Gracie.  I bent over to pick something up off the floor as she bounced up to jump on me (she is a bouncy, energetic young dog).  We collided and her fang scraped a big bloody gouge across my nose.  I think it’s bruised too.  Lovely…we’ll see what it looks like tomorrow.      

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