Sunday, March 18, 2012

Awesome Saturday

It’s been an awesome day!  I slept in, and went to Emily’s concert at the mall.  She played for 40 minutes.  What a treat for  me that was!  Emily in Cannonsburg and Sarah in Lexington, both performing today.  It would be my greatest dream to see my daughters perform together one day.  All of them together.  They do sing and play music together in our home at Christmas.  It's great fun.
So after Emily’s gig, our family went to dinner.  We rarely do that anymore – this was the first time we’ve sat down together to eat since Christmas.  Then home, and me and the girls drove to the mall.  I was looking for a birthday gift for someone special, and found one.  Sarah recently had her 25th birthday.  Tomorrow we celebrate.  I have special gifts for her...this one is a surprise!

After shopping, me and Someone went to the driving range and split a party bucket.  I take about 2/5 of the bucket and work on one side of the range.  He takes the rest and goes to the far side.  I don’t like to talk while I hit balls – he does.  He always talks.  Maybe it’s why I like golf and tennis.  They’re social games but not too social.  In tennis, you are on opposite sides of the court – you fairly shout to each other when you have to talk.  In golf – well, we both prefer to walk over taking a cart.  He tends to slice and I tend to draw - we are both right-handed.  Needless to say, we are rarely within ear shot unless we are on the tee or green. 

Anyway, Someone always finishes way before me.  If I don’t take time to focus each shot, I spray the ball.  He practices like he’s playing 36 holes in 30 minutes.  Then later this evening, me and Someone watched Kentucky beat Iowa in the NCAA tournament on our hi-def TV.  Very exciting game, and pretty nice picture too.  Hi-def is good.  I was never good at basketball, but Someone can play well.

So, it’s getting late.  Tomorrow, I’m getting up early to get some stuff together and head off to Sarah’s.  It’s a birthday celebration and a two-hour drive to get there, across some of the most beautiful countryside you'll ever lay eyes on. 

Still no word on the status of my proposal.  Ignorance is bliss for the moment.        

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