Thursday, March 29, 2012

sweet success - updated

I’m celebrating successes tonight.  The minor success – I passed the test for my risk management class.  I hadn’t taken a test like that in years (where I had to rely on my feeble memory).  I passed so I got credit for the class.  Next month, I return to Findlay for another class in project communication.  BLAH! No doubt I should learn something though.  Communication is not something I’m good at. 
Now for the really, REALLY exciting BIG proposal passed the quality review and NOW is in the hands of the IRB for evaluation.  Am I really that good?  The review matrix had 37 of 38 items marked with the highest rating of Very Well, and one item marked Well.  It looks like I should have been more specific about how EXACTLY this study can contribute to what we don’t know about leading safety in organizations.  The qualitative comments were all positive.  It was Approved with Changes...the only change marked was that I need to remove the word statistically from the third null hypothesis.     
Chapter  1 comments:

"This section of the paper provides very good detail and support for a research study of this type.  All pertinent areas to include the problem statement, rationale, research questions, and hypotheses were addressed.  In Null hypotheses #3 the word statistically should be removed and the words significant differences should remain.  Everything else is presented very well."
Chapter 2 comments:
                              "The literature review provides an excellent supporting array of
                                resources and information that adds leverage to the rationale
                               of the study."
Chapter 3 comments:
"This section of the paper provides a well worded commentary of all pertinent procedures and methods that will be utilized in this study.  This research has the necessary structure and design to move forward.  APPROVED WITH CHANGES." 
WOW!!  I didn’t expect to get such a good report. 

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