Saturday, March 31, 2012

freedom kicking in

Confession –still celebrating my recent success.   It’s happy hour(s).

I was reading back through my blog and happened to scroll up a photo of young Emily alongside a photo of Emily about 10 years later.  Wow!!  Look how she changed as she grew up!  She’s still growing up.  All my girls are still growing up.  Perhaps I’m growing up too.

One committee member sent me a congratulatory email this morning.  I really appreciate her recognition.  My academic advisor called to make sure I’d received the notification email.  She congratulated me too.  All this attention was humbling.  Reading back through the comments on the scoring matrix, I found comments on Chapter 2 and updated  my prior post.  I think I could rewrite Chapter 2 forever, and I just touched the tip of the iceberg in those 48 pages. 

This is the earliest spring I can ever remember.  We hardly had winter, and lilacs in full bloom before end of March?  Ever before?????   Tonight, I stood on the back porch in the dark taking in the wonder of nature.  Bright moon and stars overhead, a violent thunderstorm far off to the northwest, and frogs in the creek.  Night symphony.
splendid redbud

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