Monday, March 12, 2012


It’s late but too much excitement in my head at the moment – and I’ve just got to finish a ceremonious drink of Wild Turkey before calling it quits.
I submitted my proposal 30 minutes ago.  It’s done!!!  Hallelujah!!!  I was worried the day would never come and honestly, I feel like there’s not the slightest glimmer of hope it’ll be accepted.   Still, it’s done!  It's supposed to take minimum 15 days to hear back about it.


Running on fumes now ....I gave “all-nighter”  a new definition this weekend.  Literally!  We switched to Dayight Savings Time Sunday morning.  I’d worked all day Saturday through the night.  I noticed the time on my computer and thought something was screwy.  “It can’t be 7:30 AM!”  I looked out the window and saw dawn.  I looked at my watch and it still said 6:30.  “Oh shit, it’s really late,” I said.   Late?  I was the first one up. 
I’m off work tomorrow (  Someone and I are going to Lexington to see Erin “win” the Governor’s Cup State competition.  Even if our school doesn’t win, perhaps the FPS team will place high enough to advance to internationals.  We will go watch the awards ceremony and cheer for our daughter.   The team competed last night and there’s nothing to see when they compete.   The 4-person team goes into a closed room and gets two hours to solve a problem scenario. 

OK, getting tired now so I’ll post this and crash.

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