Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I’m going to regret tonight, tomorrow...which it will be in three minutes from now.  ***Celebrating the submission of my proposal properly tonight***   Please excuse sloppy grammar and spurious punctuation – past caring at the moment.  It feels like I’ve come back from a near-death experience.  How would I know what that feels like?  It’s a sudden disorientation.  With one click of the Submit button, instant change happened.

Thank God I took today off work.  I’d have been a zombie-queen.  It was a 5-day weekend with four days being...I can’t even remember.  It’ all a blur now.  I wonder how bad my proposal will be rejected?  My committee lady commented “I’m sure you will get some helpful feedback.”  Yeah – I’m sure too.  I’m expecting the rating that means What is this shit?   I hope it’s not shit.

Gotta tell you what inspired tonight’s celebration.  Someone drove us to Lexington today.  On the way back, I saw two flocks of wild turkeys in fields.  It’s sort of a thrill to see big wild turkeys grazing...or trying to find food...I doubt they are eating grass.  So in honor of the turkeys – Wild Turkey.

So I’m very proud of Erin.  She wrote final action plan and some challenges for her high school future problem solving team yesterday in the State Governor’s Cup competition.  Someone and I went to the awards ceremony today, in Lexington.  Her team took 4th place and will advance to the international competition in Indianapolis this summer.  Erin hopes the Austrailian and New Zealand boys return this year.
She loves the way they talk.
When she got home, she explained the final action plan her team decided on and explained the theory that supported their solution.  I was in awe and thrilled to see her so enthused.  She was talking and grabbed a sheet of paper, flipped it over (a page of my table of contents), and drew this as she explained it to me.  J    
Expected impact of a free trade agreement among war-torn countries

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