Tuesday, March 20, 2012

birthday visit

I resubmitted my proposal and was all happy that it has been three business days and still no rejection notice.  But then, I read that resubmissions take 15 days to hear back.  OH, really?  I've come up with a bunch of questions since I resubmitted - I was willing to let the reviewers tell me my mistakes if it was only going to take 2 days.  Now that I learned it's going to take 15 days, I want to be more proactive.

So, we visited Sarah and her menagerie on Sunday afternoon.  Someone never wants to go with us so it’s a girls’ day sort of event when we visit.  Erin and Emily went  with me.  Sarah has ducks, chickens, an underappreciated dog, two cats, a herd of horses, and a new beta fish. 

Glorious day in the country, Fleming County, KY

We had a great visit.  We did the whole happy birthday thing with cake and candles.  And of course, the surprise I especially picked out for her.  She said she liked my gift....I hope so but if not, she can return it and pick out something she likes.  I have not spent much time with her for the past 7 years so it’s harder to guess her likes and dislikes.  These girls look mighty glum lighting the candles on that cake...must be intense concentration.

So, I have to travel north to corporate headquarters next week for some training.  Likely, there’ll be no proposal work for me to do in the evenings.  I thought today that maybe I could call my dad and see if he wants to meet me for dinner one night.  I will be two hours from the town where he lives.  We could meet in a small town between; that’s only an hour drive for each of us.  He might be away on vacation or have plans, or maybe he just won’t want to drive that far.  Maybe I’ll think about it some more and decide after I get up there.    

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