Tuesday, June 12, 2012

blame the idiot

Things are great!  But not really...not so much.  Things should be great but something is wrong, and now I’m in a funk about everything.  The survey is finally ready to go, after much procrastinating and nit-picking on minor things for more than a week.  So why am I dragging my feet?  Why am I writing a stupid blog post instead of sending out invitations?  After three years of clawing and scratching to get here, finally to the point where all I have to do is execute the plan, it’s ME who’s holding things up.  There’s only one explanation that makes sense -  I’m a total idiot. 

Or maybe, I’ve been possessed by an evil demonic spirit who wants me to be a failure.  If only I could blame somebody else, the devil, or anyone else!  I could blame Satan if my head would spin a 360 or maybe if I could run down the steps on all fours with my head on backwards....but no, the fault for this ridiculous failure to launch is all mine.  I am what I am.    

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