Saturday, June 23, 2012

symbolically\acronymically-functioning people

I stepped outside tonight to bring in the mail and newspaper.  It’s a beautiful summer night here in the beautiful Ohio River valley, warm, and very clear sky.  The lightening bugs make our trees sparkle and the stars are brilliant.  I picked out the Big Dipper, and one of my favorites, Cassiopeia.   

I do really like that constellation (Queen Cassiopeia).  Why?  She is easy to spot.  She’s always somewhere around the North Star.  Her shape reminds me of Sigma and summation.  We humans sure are symbolically\acronymically-functioning creatures!  Maybe our abbreviated shorthands make us more productive and lazy at the same time. 
Queen Cassiopeia was a beautiful woman who was chained into the sky for boasting that she was more beautiful than the sea nymphs (thanks to Poseidon who sided with his nymphs).  Mythology is a pretty awesome phenomenon.  Poseidon got around – quite the stud. 

So, you can tell I like stars.  I mentioned my astronomy teacher in an earlier post.... *sigh* (I can’t remember what I named the post, and I didn’t tag it.  Dang!) 
I finally remembered his name though; his face I’ll never forget....and all that beautiful long curly brown hair.  A beard and mustache just take me away!  Somewhere.   Every time (well, almost every). 
I’ve known  men who had  their faces hidden with hair for years who I thought were handsome as hell, then I see them clean-shaven all of a sudden.  It’s like somebody popped the balloon!  What’s this?   There’s nothing good-looking about this guy!  What did I see in him?  But that’s not the whole truth of it, because then in a short time, I forget about it.  The shock is gone, or it just really doesn’t matter anymore whether he has that beautiful face or not.
Someone refuses to grow a beard or mustache.  It’s not his thing and that’s OK.  He said he did once and everyone told him it was dreadful.  I'll take their word for it.  Some things are better left to the imagination anyway.


Tony White said...

Maybe a dream about your teacher may be the thing KYLady

Linda and her Twaddle said...

We had a neighbour who had a moustache that he had never shaved off in over thirty years. His wife had never seen him without it. One day he decided to shave it off and he had the most bizarre and long fleshy upper lip I have seen. His wife freaked. He grew it back.

KYLady said...

Tony – if I could pre-plan my dreams, I’d go to bed earlier at night. That would be way better than anything on TV.

Linda – that’s kind of the way all men look when they first shave off their mustaches, but sounds like that guy had good reason to cover up. What a shocker for the poor wife, especially if he just did it without telling her ahead of time.

Thank you both for commenting!

Tony White said...

The pre-planned dreams are the best kind KYLady!

Many believe that dreams really are just a reflection of ourselves. So if you dream of things or others those are merely reflections of part of self.


KYLady said...

Dreams are interesting things, usually. If what you say is true, I must see myself as a reptilian sort of person. I rarely remember my dreams but when I do, they almost always have snakes in them.